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The 7th Annual Irish Pensions Awards


The 7th Annual Irish Pensions Awards 2018 were held in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, last night. Organised by European Pensions, the awards recognise pension fund providers who have proved their excellence and dedication to maintaining high standards in the Irish pensions industry.  APT Workplace Pensions were nominated in the following three categories, Irish Pension

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Advice at Retirement and Beyond


Our client was an employee of a Midlands based company who was approaching retirement with an accumulated pension pot of €340,000. The Issue Like many people facing retirement he was keen to make the right decision in relation to the options which were available to him. The Options Our client

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Review of Investment Strategies


Our client is a long established nationwide organisation. The plan had been in place for many years and the assets had grown to €100m. The trustees had reviewed their investments regularly but were somewhat uncomfortable with the default investment strategy in place for the plan The Issues The Trustees had adopted a

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Amalgamation of Legacy Pension Plans


Our client is a UK packaging group, who had acquired several businesses in Ireland over a number of years. Various defined contribution plans were in place in each business, offering different benefit and charging structures, handled by a variety of insurance companies and consultant providers. The Issues The client faced a number

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GDPR and what it means for Pension Trustees


We are now living in the post GDPR world and many trustees are assessing how life has changed since May 25th, 2018. The issue of data retention has become clearer for pension trusts - decide on an “end date” sufficiently far into the future to cover yourself.  Other issues are less clear - the

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The Move to Master Trusts


If the experience of our UK neighbours is anything to go by, we should expect Master Trusts to emerge as the favoured means for defined contribution pension savings.  An easy and efficient enrolment process will make Master Trusts a viable solution for the forthcoming auto-enrolment. The Pensions Authority has published a consultation paper on

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APT Investment Survey


Our quarterly survey looks at the markets over the period and reports on the performance of a range of funds against selected indices. Reports on market performance and the issues that influenced returns are discussed in depth.  Our review of market indices performance is contrasted to a selection of funds in common use amongst pension

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Government Announce Major Changes to Pensions


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The Cost of Tax Relief


Reports on the cost for the Exchequer of tax relief on pensions are either misunderstood or disingenuous. Experts in the Department of Finance claim that an additional €2.1bn could be collected by Revenue if we abolished tax relief on pensions. Obviously, if one is looking at pension reform, which the Government currently is, what

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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (“MiFID II”) became effective on 3rd January 2018 and is generally considered one of the most important regulatory updates undertaken by the EU since the financial crisis. Although MiFID II is not expected to impact pension trustees directly, it is expected that a range of new rules

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